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Constantly Improving ………………………

November 29, 2016

Continual improvement is fundamental to everything we do at Constant Security and nowhere is this more apparent than with our achievement of significant increases to our Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor Scheme score every year since the schemes inception.

Constant was established in 1985 and have been SIA – Approved Contractors since 2006.  The ACS scheme is based on the EFQM Excellence Model and takes a holistic view to quality encouraging organisations to strive for improvement.

The minimum overall score that a company can achieve and still be approved is zero. Zero is a satisfactory score, as it demonstrates that the company is meeting the ACS standard and following recognised industry effective practice. The median score across all Approved Contractors is just +67 and the maximum overall score that can be achieved is currently +174. Constant continue to operate at the very top of the industry with an enviable score of +167 placing us at the very apex of the ACS quality pyramid.

Every year, Constant Security are fully audited by the National Security Inspectorate to Guarding Gold level. Our overall performance is comprehensively assessed against 89 individual indicators of achievement. Performance above the required level results in a +1, +2 or higher score. The NSI inspection  involves the examination of company systems and procedures, visits to clients premises to observe front-line operatives in action and interviews with both colleagues and clients to get a wide-ranging insight into our company.

Although the ACS scoring system was not designed to be a differentiation tool, we believe it can be incredibly useful to both buyers and potential joining colleagues when considering us as it allows for independent assistance in terms of determining overall quality.

Christine Lee, Managing Director said “As a family business, we have an enduring commitment to quality which for over 30 years has acted as the guiding principles regarding every aspect of our operation. This outstanding and industry leading result is testament to the excellent work carried out every day by all of our colleagues. Our fully embedded and truly understood quality management system is lived and breathed every day and brings power to the business by strengthening operations, understanding expectations, building relationships and encouraging teamwork”.



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