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Statistics published by the SIA show a decline in ACS scores

February 28, 2019

The SIA have recently published a summary of SIA ACS scores as at 30 December 2018.  This includes the scores for 591 (69%) of the current 858 companies who have achieved ACS status.

These figures show a decrease in overall scores:

  • Top 5% – score reduced by 9 points from 159 to 150
  • Top 10% – score reduced by 19 points from 147 to 128
  • Top 25% – score reduced by 16 points from 113 to 97
  • Top 50% – score reduced by 12 points from 75 to 63

As this only covers 69% of the total accredited companies this may not be a true reflection of the final overall annual statistics, however, it does show a decline in scores following the amendments to the SIA workbook in 2017 and would reduce the minimum criteria to join The ACS Pacesetters to 118 (a reduction of 18 points).

The new SIA ACS Workbook which will be effective from April 2019, has a number of changes as previously reported, and this is reflected by a reduction in the total score achievable which will be 145.

This will obviously have an impact on the minimum score required to join The ACS Pacesetters and we will unable to confirm the exact figure until nearer the time, however, based on our current criteria of 136 the required score would be 114 and based on the overall scores for the last 9 months the required score would be 98.

It is very difficult to assess the impact that the changes to the workbook will have on the accredited organisations and it will not be until the end of March 2020 that we will be able to see the annual results.  In the meantime, we will promote the companies that are members of The ACS Pacesetters and base our minimum criteria on an estimated number until such time exact statistics are available.

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