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Beware of fake Security Companies asking for advance fees

December 2, 2016

There has been a recent increase in adverts for fictitious security companies who advertise security jobs, and then ask for training or licensing fees to be paid in advance.

These fraudsters ask for payment to an anonymous money transfer account and then become uncontactable once the payment is made.

The individuals posing as these fake companies may advertise on job websites or they may email potential candidates directly.

When considering any job advertisement you are not entirely comfortable with you should check that the company is a legitimate security company before any payment is made. Consider the following: –

  • Does the company have a website detailing their business?
  •  Is the address provided a genuine address?
  • Are the contact details provided for a company email or a personal email address?
  • Are the company asking for payment by an anonymous money transfer?
  • Are the company registered on the Companies House website?

If you suspect a security company may not be genuine you should not make any payments up front. Reducing criminality in the private security industry is a big part of why we exist. Please report any illegal activity via our website or by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. If you are the victim of fraud you should contact your local police force.

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