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Cordant Security Limited

April 30, 2013

Edward MacFarlane MD
Main contact:Edward MacFarlane – Managing Director

h2. Who are we?

Cordant Security is an innovative, highly organised total security provider with a 50 year premium sector trading history.

Our ability to deliver bespoke solutions covering guarding, technology and consultancy from a single source to demanding users with complex risk profiles is the key strength we seek to exploit in our business planning. As a result average contract length across the business now exceeds eight years whilst we have many customers who have more than fifteen years working with the company.

Our strategy for many years has been based upon developing our service stream within specific, high profile sectors. These include defence, property management, utilities, banking, finance, retail, public sector, food, distribution,logistics, media and pharmaceuticals. We then develop sector specific innovations in risk management, training and resilience testing which help us to spread best practice and innovation throughout our customer base.

We take enormous pride in our people who in turn consistently deliver above expectation and at a level unsurpassed within our competitors. This is reflected in performance scoring, officer & customer surveys, independent audits, commendations and awards with no weak spots in any area of the UK.

Cordant Security is a family owned, fiercely independent and hugely zealous organisation that possesses a clear identity in an increasingly fragmented industry. Our long term strategy is centred on increasing service excellence in manned guarding alongside the development of innovative complementary security services, staff development and strict testing. All employees understand our ongoing commitment to develop within this rigorous framework and contribute fully towards creating a lasting legacy.

h2. Coverage:


h2. Services Offered:

Wide ranging and complementary manning solutions including Security Officers, Concierge, Reception & Front of House, Porters, Control Room Specialists, Post Room, Vetting & Screening, Mobile & Key Holding, Remote Monitoring, Lock & Unlock, Void Property Protection.

Design, installation and maintenance of all security systems including CCTV, Access Control, Visitor Management, Perimeter Detection, Barriers & Fence Lines, Mobile Phone Detection, Thermal Imaging and Asset Tagging Systems.

Full range of consultancy services including Site Security Audits, Explosive Blast Analysis, Traffic Management, Covert Surveillance, Crime Profiling, Intelligence Reports, Criminal Investigations, Business Continuity Planning, Counter Terrorism Audits and Executive Protection.

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If you're interested in any of our services contact us on 01844 260 350