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ACS Pacesetters member STM Group Launches Powerful Bi-Weekly E-Newsletters

July 28, 2021

STM Group takes great pride in promoting a diverse business, representative of different cultures, religions, genders, and beliefs.

In support of these standards, STM launched its Voice of Women (VOW) Group, an internal support system aimed at providing support, encouragement, and care for every female STM internal customer. VOW aims to provide a relevant voice on all matters, however big or small, whilst promoting development opportunities throughout the business.

The VOW Working Group has proved to be a tremendous success thus far with this important, internal, initiative seeking to break external barriers, as an integral part of a wider strategy to both protect and project the female voice.

From an internal perspective, the VOW Group has launched bi-weekly e-newsletters, which include inspiring and insightful content, aimed at providing knowledge to help empower STM’s internal customers.

From webinar links and book recommendations, to raising awareness and sharing success stories, the VOW Newsletter has been a great success. Motivation is delivered through the ongoing provision of relevant news and information, helping to make the women of STM “a force to be reckoned with”.

Exampling its values externally, STM is a proud member of the Women’s Night Safety Charter, a project launched by the Mayor of London, designed to tackle violence against women, whilst making London a welcoming and safe environment. Likewise, STM is also a founding signatory of the EDI Charter by Women in Rail and Railway Industry Association, an initiative launched to champion equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout the UK railway industry.

STM remains committed to supporting and protecting not only its own female employees, but also those of all other stakeholders. The Company takes great pride in creating an environment which is welcoming to all, regardless of any individual internal or external customer differentiation.

STM Group ‘’One Team’’.

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