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ACS Pacesetters Member Classic Services Group’s commitment to Mental Health Awareness Training

December 1, 2021

The IFPO UK & Ireland Being Human, mental health awareness programme, was developed in conjunction with multi award-winning Learning and Development provider, Ethos Farm.  It is part of a suite of online programs that IFPO UK & I offer.  IFPO and Ethos Farm are finalists in the UK OSPAs for the Being Human program.  The winner will be announced in February.

The IFPO UK & Ireland welcome the commitment of security and property services organisation Classic Services Group to this program.  After trialling the program CSG, who are a member of ACS Pacesetters, meaning that they score in the top 15% of Approved Contractor Scheme companies, have block purchased the program with a view to putting all their frontline personnel through it.

Asked why CSG felt to need to support their team with this program, Managing Director, Charlotte Thompson, said “The Being Human awareness programme will enable our staff to be able to deal with a variety of situations with a more open view.  It will empower them to make clearer, informed decisions on how best to deal with people in any given situation to get the best outcome”

IFPO UK & I Director, Mike Hurst CPP commented that “Classic Services Group, share the same commitment to education and wellbeing as IFPO and realise the importance of not just talking about it, but delivering a solution.”

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