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Key Security Group expand their area of operation

August 21, 2020

It’s been a busy few months at the Key Security Group…

Kieran Montgomery, Managing Director, stated “Despite these unprecedented times, we have not deviated from our strategic expansion plans and being both fortunate and blessed that our customers continue to utilise our services and we attract new customers on a daily basis.

Of course, none of which would be possible, without the hardworking team of managers, administrators, engineers, help desk and response officers we have here at Key.

Bristol was the location for our first new branch of 2020, opening in April, followed quickly by Reading in June. Our launch into the London market was realised on the 1st July with the opening of our base in Uxbridge. This latest opening took us to 13 branches in 13 years and cements our operational self-delivery abilities from one end of the M4 to the other.

In order to consistently deliver a high standard of service, we continue to invest in our business and employees and over this period of both organic and strategic growth we have committed to three major projects. All three will help maintain and improve service delivery and this is the first to be realised.

The above image shows 19/36 brand new Patrol & Response vehicles that are hitting the streets today and tomorrow across our operations in Milton Keynes, Uxbridge, Reading and Bristol.

Tomorrow we await the new fleet to arrive at our Stafford and Birmingham branches which include additional vehicles to support new business wins across the West Midlands and Staffordshire with the deployment of new vehicles into Stoke.”


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