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Paulo works at a large Shopping Centre where his main role is Cleaning Supervisor, but he has worked with the security team for 2 years.  Whilst patrolling the mall, he noticed a male who he was concerned about.  He followed him through the centre and continued to monitor the man who entered the public toilets and carried out 3 welfare checks within a few minutes of each other.  On the third check he found the male had self-harmed and losing a lot of blood.  Paulo requested assistance and the emergency services were called whilst his colleague Richard Farley gave medical help. The male was unconscious before they arrived; but survived and Paulo’s pro-active approach no doubt helped to save this man’s life.

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On 12 December, at Antrim Crown Court, Steven Ian Nixon (47) of Portadown and owner of Eventsafe Security, was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment for fraud, and 3 months for supplying unlicensed security operatives. Both jail sentences were suspended for 3 years. Nixon was also given 100 hours community service. In January 2017, we received […]

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If you're interested in any of our services contact us on 01844 260 350