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Nicola is contracted to work at a Shopping Centre and was carrying out a site patrol at 4.30am on a November morning when she was informed of a young child in the nearby bus stop.  Nicola approached the girl who informed her she was running away to London. Being a very cold morning, Nicola invited her into the office for a hot drink and was able to get the girls details. The Police and girl’s mother were contacted.  It was found that this young girl had befriended someone online and this person had paid for her bus ticket to London.  Her family knew nothing of this or her disappearance at the time and the consequences could have been catastrophic had it not been for Nicola’s actions.


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On 12 December, at Antrim Crown Court, Steven Ian Nixon (47) of Portadown and owner of Eventsafe Security, was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment for fraud, and 3 months for supplying unlicensed security operatives. Both jail sentences were suspended for 3 years. Nixon was also given 100 hours community service. In January 2017, we received […]

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