Incentive Lynx Security Limited

Main Contact

Craig Pickard – Managing Director


44 Loman Street, London. SE1 0EH


0845 1477 121

Email Address

[email protected]


Who are we?

Lynx was established in the City of London in 1983 by the late Jeremy Wetherell and his wife Mary. Incentive Lynx Security is an independent, privately owned company with founder Directors still actively involved in all the company’s operations today. This has helped the company to grow and develop in line with a consistent strategy and with a primary focus on service. We are predominantly based in London. We are focussed on the delivery of a high quality security service which can include the provision of:
● Security Officers
● Reception Services
● Keyholding Services, Patrol and Response Services
● Loading Bay Management
● Remote CCTV Monitoring
● Security Audits
● Temporary security staff

Incentive Lynx Security Services has enjoyed continuous growth – largely through the recommendation of an excellent customer base which includes property management companies, corporate head offices, banks, computer companies, international media business, Government and city institutions. As security specialists we offer independent and objective advice and a flexible and responsive service with dedicated management and a short line of communication to the top of our organisation through regular director contact.

Our strengths are:
● the quality and consistency of our staff and service delivery
● our independence and stability
● the close availability of our resources to our contracts
● director accountability for customer satisfaction
● the quality of our training


South East,London

Services offered

Security Officers, Reception Services, Keyholding Services, Patrol and Response Services.

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