Atticus Risk Management Limited

Main Contact

David Gadsby MSyI - Managing Director


78 York Street, London.  W1H 1DP


0203 086 8091

Email Address

[email protected]


Who are we?

Atticus Risk support a range of private, state and commercial clients across the UK to Maintain a secure environment for Commerce, Learning and Recreation, Protect critical tangible assets and infrastructure, Safeguard reputations and relationships and Enable business growth.

Our current client base includes investment funds, international sporting bodies, local and national government, major hospitality brands, visitor attractions and private schools. Our experience across varying sectors enables us to offer a fresh approach to problem-solving. Above all we know that all situations are different and resources finite, so our service to you will be bespoke – nothing we do is off the peg

We offer a comprehensive security support package to assist in outsourcing and then maintaining all or part of your security function.

We realise that resources are finite and believe that the solutions we provide you should not only be risk and threat driven but also commercially appropriate to your organisation.



Services offered

  • Security Screened Front of House Staff
  • School Security Staff
  • Discrete and Effective Manned Guarding and Canine Security
  • Close Protection and Residential Security Staff
  • TSCM Surveys and Support Services
  • Control Room Services and Operations Centre Management
  • Security and Risk Management Consultancy
  • Security Training

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