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Security Dog/Handlers

A limited number of Security Guarding Companies provide a professional patrol dog service and those that do so are required to carry this out in accordance with the following British Standard.

1) BS 8517 – 1 : 2009 Code of Practice for the use of General Purpose Security Dogs
2) BS 8517 – 2 : 2010 Code of Practice for the Use of Detection Dogs

Security Patrol Dogs are used for a wide variety of assignments from guarding high value commercial premises to building sites and open spaces. Patrol Dogs are often deployed where it is felt that the Security Officer working alone may be at risk or if there is a large open area to patrol.

Often just the presence of a security patrol dog and qualified handler, that are both well-presented and have been professionally trained, acts as a major visual deterrent. The security patrol dog brings many advantages of additional security including its heightened senses to scent and to see and hear hidden intruders.

Explosive and Narcotic Detection Patrol Dogs are also provided by some organisations.

Trained Security Dogs are used in the following situations:

Mobile Patrols and Alarm Response units, Security Guarding, Searches at Airports and Ports, Escort Duties, Special Events, Crowd Management, Drugs, Explosives and Firearms Detection, Searching for Missing People, Tracking and Detaining Offenders, Property Evictions and VIP Protection.

It is essential that both the Handler and Security Patrol Dog have been fully trained and work in partnership so that the dogs are safe when taken out amongst members of the general public, but they are also able to defend their handler should the need arise.

All Patrol Dog Handlers must hold a valid SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence in accordance with the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

NASDU (The National Association for Security Dog Users), formed in 1996, is a positive force in promoting welfare, standards, training and education within the Security Dog Sector and is a recognised association within the security industry.

BIPDT (The British Institute of Professional l Dog Trainers) provide accredited training for handlers and their patrol dogs with assessment centres throughout the United Kingdom.

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